Featurette unearthed for 30th anniversary of Apple’s Orwell Super Bowl commercial

steve-jobs-1984-apple-mac-announcement-commercial-imagesTo celebrate the 30th anniversary of Apple Computer’s iconic “1984” Super Bowl ad that heralded the debut of Apple’s Macintosh computer, CNN Money went digging in the crates for a behind-the-scenes featurette centering on the making of the celebrated piece of advertising (and computing) history. The commercial was directed by the legendary Ridley Scott, who crafted Alien in 1979 and Blade Runner in 1982.

According to Chiat/Day’s Fred Goldberg “The futuristic look in ‘Blade Runner’ was very appropriate to what we were trying to capture in the commercial.” As an account person for Chiat/Day, Goldberg acted as the liaison between the television spot’s creators and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Check out the making of Apple Computer’s iconic “1984” Super Bowl TV ad, below. Then you can check out the commercial itself, just below the featurette.


Orwell Commercial

source: money.cnn.com,