What is Widget Exchange?

Widget Exchange is a place to build and share useful pieces of HTML code, called widgets, for personal and business use. We’ll be revealing more about this project very soon. Stay tuned!

Why don’t today’s small businesses care about good design?

After launching my new series of customizable business card designs recently, I started thinking about what I usually see from business owners and entreprenuers at networking functions, events and meetings that I attend. I began to realize that most businesses don’t realize the power of good design in marketing today. While social media marketing is …

Our complete partner list

I just wanted to give everyone an update on all of my activities regarding our media business. We’ve consolidated some of our websites and brands, in order to create a more focused branding and creative environment. That said, The Color Bindery is now a part of our new creative design studio – Hit Pictures. Additionally, …

Entertainment Headshots and Their Many Uses

Headshots are important tools that actors into every audition they apply for. Additionally, models use headshots for their portfolios. For both actors and models, the headshot represents their best photo shoots, candids and other work related to the jobs they are trying to get. Also, entertainers and musicians use headshot publicity photo prints for press …