Special page templates and creating photo essays with M Theater

M Theater has extensive image-, video- and audio-handling capabilities and one of the main reasons I created the WordPress Theme, was to give image-makers the ability to tell stories with their photos. There are many beautiful gallery applications available that will display your images in sequence, with nice transition effects. M Theater takes things a …

Using Design Options with Child Themes in M Theater

If you plan on creating a Child Theme for use with M Theater, here is the optimal way to integrate the color scheme Design Options: Leave Color Scheme setting on “default”. Create your new Child Theme folder and add your style sheet. Import the main style sheet from M Theater. Import the style sheet of …

Updating M Theater and By Hand Media’s other WordPress Themes

When new versions of M Theater are available, you should get a notification within your Admin Dashboard letting you know that an update is available and directing you here for further instructions. There are multiple ways to update your Theme installation, including: Log into your account at TheColorBindery.com, where you can always download the latest …

Choosing Color Schemes

I’ve created 29 different Color Schemes to choose from in M Theater. Access Color Scheme options under Appearance > Design Options, or from the front of your website, under the Customize menu. There are previews of each color scheme in Design Options. If you have selected a background color manually, changing Color Schemes will not …

Properly displaying galleries with M Theater

In order to display galleries at their best with M Theater, be sure to make your thumbnails link directly to full-size images rather than Attachment Pages. Linking to Attachment Pages can cause the Attachment Page to open in the Lightbox overlay. If necessary, change the linking option in the Media Window (see below).