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Overlay Sliders is a premium WordPress plugin that adds extra hidden content on every page of your website, with an animated page overlay that showcases the content inside attractive tabbed sliders. Overlay Sliders can be used in a variety of ways, such as: revealing navigation menus, forms, recent posts, content from pages or posts, RSS or social media feeds, subscription offers, banner displays and so much more. The plugin also automatically formats many types of content, allowing you to be up and running quickly. Included Plugin Options and Custom Meta Fields give you the option of customizing the look of your sliders and their content, giving you even greater control over how your showcased content is displayed. Additionally, we have included two powerful widgets – Display Page Content & Overlay Slider Buttons – that extend the plugins features even further. In fact, Display Page Content, which gives you the ability to display complete content from any page on your website, could be a plugin all by itself. All you need to do is enter the ID of the page you want to display. PLUS, the Display Page Content widget works on any of your sidebars, not just those generated by your Overlay Sliders. ALSO, we have added a convenient plugin add-on that will add standard WordPress Categories and Tags to your Media Library, making it easier to select images for your Image Sliders.

Overlays are triggered by buttons, which can be positioned virtually anywhere on your web pages, using the easy-to-use included tools. The Overlay Sliders Plugin has a fully responsive layout, uses modern CSS3 transitions, and reacts to swipe gestures on mobile devices.

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  • Responsive design looks & works great across all devices.
  • User-friendly Options and Settings pages.
  • Choose location for activation buttons (any corner of a page, within content, or on a sidebar).
  • Create as many Overlay Sliders as you need, allowing for more content & easier organization.
  • Add multiple tabbed panels of content on each slider, allowing virtually unlimited possibilities.
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Easily customize with your own CSS styles.
  • Two powerful widgets extend functionality.
  • Auto-formatting included for many types of content, giving you an instant presentation and getting you up & running fast.
  • Fully documented and a growing FAQ.
  • Lifetime free software updates.

Two Powerful Widgets & a Plugin Add-on Included FREE

  • Display Page Content Widget: Embed content from any page or post on your website, simply by inputting a post ID. This powerful tool works on any sidebar on your website, not just Overlay Slider sidebars.
  • Overlay Slider Buttons Widget: Display the buttons that activate your overlays from any sidebar.
  • Categories and Tags for Media Add-On: Add standard WordPress Categories and Tags to items in your Media Libary.

Content You Include

  • Widgets
  • HTML
  • Shortcodes
  • Formatted Page or Post Content
  • Image Galleries
  • Navigation Menus
  • Forms
  • Subscription Offers
  • Recent Posts
  • RSS & Social Media feeds
  • Banner Ad Displays

» Customizable CSS Styles

» Full Documentation & FAQ

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